U R Karaoke About Us

Dec. 2021: Hi Everyone. Cambo here. It's time to party again!

U R Karaoke is a reincarnation of a pre covid-19 karaoke business. It didn't really have a brand before, so with the Victorian covid-19 lock-down era appearing to be finished, I decided it was time to launch the business anew and get some fun back into everyone's lives. Now, I have set up a new website, Facebook page, business cards, and flyers. The original karaoke equipment has been cleaned up and tested and is ready to go. It still rocks! I had to replace the wireless microphone system for a new one as it had stopped working (wasn't just flat batteries unfortunately). Well, that's what happens when electronic music gear can't be used for long periods. I have also added a fog machine with laser lights for some fun effects.

With over 4,500 songs waiting to be sung by you, please check out where I am performing next. Check the events page on this website, or follow my U R Karaoke Facebook page.